Corn Bunting 1 1 of 1March is a lively month with increasing numbers of migrants and early nesters already busy. Even early in the month you may see a group of male Great Bustard energetically displaying. And this despite the fact the no female may be within at least one km radius!
The White Storks systematically steal branches and twigs from one another's nests and set up beak clattering greetings when a member of the colony flies in.
There are still small numbers of Crane, but they are falling fast. The last stragglers will be moving off in the first part of the month.
The number of Lesser Kestrels at Acedera and Puebla de Alcocer will build steadily over the month.
Early Pallid Swift and Alpine Swift may be seen over the Guadiana river near Villanueva and at Merida. By the end of March all the hirundines are now here in good numbers, with Common Swift starting to show. Crag Martin have moved away from their low-level winter haunts to their nesting areas in the cliffs and mountains.