Egyptian Vulture 1 1 of 1As the days move towards the longest day of the year there is a lot to see bird-wise, with lots of fledgling activity and a greater rhythm of comings and goings around water. The masses of swallow, martins, and swifts swooping and looping across rivers and the remaining pools and reservoirs is an exciting spectacle. Pallid, Common and Alpine Swift and an occasional White-rumped Swift may be seen around the beautiful Roman bridge at Mérida. By the river you can hear Great Reed Warbler singing from conspicuous peches amongst the reeds and rushes along with Savi's Warbler and a small number of Penduline Tit.
Driving along country tracks at night you see a good number of Red-necked Nightjar, though during daylight hours they hunker down out of sight amongst ground vegetation in shady areas.
There are plenty of Quail around, but actually getting a half-decent view is no easy matter. Like Corncrakes, you can hear them but a sighting is a treat. A lovely spectacle is a hawking group of Collared Pratincole looking like huge hirundines.